Three Reasons Your Next Family Weekender Boat Should be the Sea Ray L590

The Sea Ray L590 is more than just another yacht; it’s a well-equipped vessel designed to meet the needs of friends and families seeking an exclusive weekend getaway on the open waters. Introduced at the Yachting Cannes Festival in 2016, the L590 sought to set a new standard in its class, offering space and comfort for living on the water. Measuring just under 18 meters in length, making her the smaller sibling to the flagship L650, she shares similar aesthetics and features. With a beam of 4.87 meters and a maximum draft of 1.43 meters, the L590 is built for stability and smooth sailing. The L590’s design is further enhanced by Sea Ray’s innovative SkyFlow Design, which promotes seamless transitions between rooms and floods the interior with natural light, making sure she feels even more spacious and inviting. The sophisticated joystick propulsion system allows for effortless maneuvering, ensuring that even tight docks and fairways are navigated with ease. Her fiberglass hull and triple in-line six diesel engines make sure that she is as durable as she is powerful, making her an ideal choice for family adventures. Here, we share our top reasons for selecting her for your next family boat.

Comfort and spaciousness

The L590 is meticulously built to ensure that every family outing is luxuriously comfortable and safe. She features a master cabin with a private head, alongside two additional cabins and a shared head, all designed to provide privacy and comfort for each member of the family. The master cabin is notably spacious, with a double bed set diagonally, an L-shaped sofa, ample storage, and a bathroom with a shower and separate toilet. The expansive interior is fully open, creating a continuous space that extends to the cockpit when the bay window is open, enhancing the sense of openness and freedom throughout her layout. The main deck is brilliantly laid out so that each area is optimized for a specific function. The living room features a large sofa and a sideboard with a TV across from the dining area, which includes a well-equipped kitchen and a triangular table that fits perfectly with the L-shaped sofa. This thoughtful layout allows for free movement throughout the yacht, making her feel like a floating home away from home.

Fishing and watersports readiness

For families who love fishing and watersports, the L590 is a dream come true. The bathing platform at the stern provides easy and safe access to the water, ideal for swimming, snorkeling, or launching water toys. This feature ensures that activities are easily accessible and enjoyable for all ages. The cockpit, with its large L-shaped sofa and outdoor kitchen, allows for socializing and dining al fresco while keeping an eye on the action in the water. The stable and spacious design of the stern also provides ample room for fishing gear and sports equipment, ensuring that every adventure is well-equipped.

Luxurious outdoor relaxation

The L590 excels with her outdoor social spaces. The large sunbathing area at the front of the yacht, designed for three people, faces the sea and is complemented by a bench seat in front of the windshield, creating a comfortable front deck lounge. A more private space for families to relax and soak up the sun while enjoying breathtaking views, the optional joystick system further enhances the L590’s appeal by making maneuvering in various marinas. It makes docks a breeze, ensuring that every journey is as smooth as possible.

The ultimate choice for families seeking a luxurious, comfortable, and versatile yacht for their weekend getaways, the Sea Ray L590’s spacious and thoughtfully designed interior, readiness for fishing and water sports, and easy access to the water promise memorable adventures and relaxation for the entire family.

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