The most extreme places you have to visit

Some mysterious places have been transformed into very popular tourist destinations, some are little known, some are inaccessible, while some you would never want to reach. Based on the reviews of tourists from NorskeAnmeldelser, we have created a list of the most extreme places to visit.

Our planet is always surprising for the natural diversity it offers, but especially for its extremes, which are fascinating and test the ability of man to adapt to the environment. From the hottest place to the coldest or highest, the Earth is not entirely a welcoming environment, but it is these extremes that make us appreciate the planet more fully.


If you decide to visit a place abroad, Hvitserk will help you book your holiday and communicate with the locals. Here are the most extreme places you can travel:

Dry Valleys (Antarctica)

The Dry Valleys are a region of Antarctica that has not seen rain for over two million years. This is the driest place in the world. There is no moisture, no water, no snow, no ice. It is the only region in Antarctica that is not covered in snow due to catabatic winds, which move the area at a speed of over 200 miles per hour.

Thus, any precipitation that falls in the Dry Valleys is quickly sublimated by the wind, leaving behind a desolate landscape. In second place in terms of aridity is the Atacama Desert in Chile. There has been no rainfall here for several centuries, but the data collected from the area are not enough for a correct comparison with the Dry Valleys.


Atlantis is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, where it is said to have lived a highly evolved civilization that ended up swallowed by water. Civilization seems to have been mentioned for the first time in the dialogues of Plato, Timaios, and Critias. Later, the story was revived with the discovery of a map indicating an area of ​​land located somewhere between Africa and America. Written testimonies show that the Egyptians inherited their very advanced knowledge in fields such as mathematics, astronomy, geophysics from the inhabitants of the mysterious Atlantis. And sailors passing through the area say that every night they hear screams of the ghosts of an extinct civilization.

Many stories have been told about Atlantis, books have been written and movies have been made, but scientists have not yet been able to tell us what it is. Legend or reality?

Papua New Guinea

Given that we are talking about one of the countries least subject to the eyes of tourists, we are not surprised by the fact that some of the most exotic creatures on the planet have their home here. Bird lovers will find this place a paradise full of countless flying species and other creatures difficult to guess on the gray streets of civilization.

Koh Rong, Cambodia

If you want a break from civilization, you must visit the island of Koh Rong – a magical place, without buildings – skyscrapers, noise or cars, but just peace, a few fishing villages, and untouched nature. Kog Rong is often likened to Thailand 20 years ago.

Grand Canyon, USA

The Grand Canyon is one of the top places to see in the US. Considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world, it offers a lot of outdoor activities for everyone. It stretches over a distance of 446 km, has a width ranging between 6 km and 29 km, and the distance to the river is about 800 m, but also reaches up to 1857 m in some areas.

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