Covid19: Things to Avoid While Travelling

Travelling makes life exciting and happier in several ways. People love to plan their travelling destinations and schedules and prepare themselves for a memorable experience. It not only provides you with unforgettable moments but life experiences. Some people usually plan along with their friends. However, due to the global outbreak of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in the last couple of months, travelling has become a concerning issue. People usually plan their vacations to visit their families living in other states, some people go for adventures along with their friends, while few people go along with their families to explore different places of the world. Even a lot of people travel with their pets. They get ESA letters issued and take their emotional support dogs anywhere without paying vast amounts of money.

This pandemic has left everyone in stress and limited all outgoing activities. Although many restrictions are still there, travel is gradually starting up again, but it is crucial to take sensible precautions and keep a sense of perspective. If you need to travel for the right reasons, you should follow the mentioned directions for your travel plan to avoid contracting Covid-19 virus.

Get Yourself Tested

Before planning to travel and getting excited, the first thing you need to do is to make sure you get yourself tested for the covid-19 virus. It is not essential to show any symptoms as you could be a carrier that might harm anyone else. You might not be allowed to travel if you are still waiting for your test results. Also, if you show even mild symptoms associated with Covid-19 virus, you are not an ideal candidate for travelling. Thus, make sure to keep all the necessary paperwork with yourself as proof to evade any hindrance while travelling.

Avoid Unnecessary Exposure

Before travelling anywhere or heading out, do not forget to follow guidance where you live. Check health care websites for guidelines about local restrictions intended to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Protect yourself from extra exposure and evade large gatherings. Avoid close contact with people who are showing even slight symptoms or are sick. Try to maintain a distance of about 6 feet from everyone as you already know the virus is spreading by infected people coughing or sneezing contaminated droplets into the air. Don’t forget to consider all kinds of risk of contracting covid-19 virus associated with different types of travel.

Ways to Avoid Contamination

To avoid the contraction covid-19 virus, the least you could do is to follow the protocols to stay safe such as washing your hands more frequently to minimize the risk. A quick rinse is not enough to protect you instead wash your hands for a good 30 seconds with a bar of soap. Carry a hand sanitizer gel containing at least 60% of alcohol everywhere you go in case you don’t get access to water. While in a public place, avoid touching your face and nose unless you have thoroughly washed your hands. Don’t forget to wear your face mask even if it is too hot out there.

Avoid Hotels not taking Precautions

If you are planning to stay somewhere in between your flights, then book a hotel before travelling. Make sure to check the hotel’s website you are considering seeing how that particular hotel is responding to Covid-19. Search for hotels that are following safety guidelines such as staff to wear face masks, plexiglass installed at the reception, disinfecting all the most-touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, and sink faucet handles. The crockery should be washed while serving food and installed sanitizers at almost every corner of the hotel. Also, make sure you check the cancellation policy of the hotel just in case you reach there and find them not following any safety guidelines you could book some other hotel.

Avoid Public Restrooms

Travelling could be tiring at times, and you might often require using public restrooms. But after this covid-19 virus pandemic, it is not even safe to use public toilets as you have no idea if they are properly washed and disinfected. Therefore, it is better if you avoid using such washrooms until you see a few maids working there. But sometimes it is necessary to use, in that case, look for well-ventilated and single-stall restrooms to keep your distance from others. Carry a soap so you could wash and dry your hands after using the restroom or use an alcoholic hand sanitizer to clean your hands if you don’t have a bar of soap.

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